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Profitable Investment


Original Line O Matic Parts are manufactured under the same specifications and processes as your Line O Matic machines. We make no difference between an original part and a replacement part. In fact, our Original Parts are the exact same parts that are built into the machines in our factory.

Replacement parts from other sources may cost less up front, but they are not engineered specifically for Line O Matic machines. They often need to be replaced earlier and can damage parts on your machine as well as disable safety features.


Original Line O Matic


Non-Original Line O Matic


Lowest cost of ownership


High maintenance cost

Longer machine life expectancy


Lower efficiency

Less administration and parts interpretation time


Costly risk of breakdowns

Near zero rejection rate


More accident prone

Dealer beating prices


Cost of lower machine life expectancy

Peak performance


Poor machine performance

Superior quality products


Poor quality products

Reliability & Productivity


High logistics cost